Old Zhelnino. Blagoveshcensky Cathedral

In ancient times there were deep dark forests on the banks of the Oka river. There were lots of different fish in the rivers and lakes. There were a lot of wild animals in the forests. Amvrosiev Dudin monastery was the owner of those lands and forests. The monks took good care of their treasure, no one was allowed to cut the trees in the forests or to fish in the lakes. Once the monks crossed the river and landed on the left bank of the Oka. They made a lodge and began to live there. When they were walking in the forest looking for a good place to stay, they saw a lot of black woodpeckers. People called those birds “zhelny”. They say, the village that was founded near the monks’ lodge was called Zhelnino.

Blagoveshcensky Cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings in Zhelnino. It was built in 1878, sanctified in 1879 thanks to the parish and merchant Stepan Petrovitch Solin. It took merchant Solin great efforts to orginize a cathedral with its own independent parish in the village. He spent more than one hundred thousand roubles on building the cathedral. Three altars were sanctified in 1879 in the name of  the annunciation of Saint Bogoroditza, in the name of Archangel Mikhail and in the name of St. Nikolaj Chudotvoretz.

The cathedral impresses by its great look. It can be seen from anywhere. The cathedral itself is built in the so called “brick” style, and the details of the building are made in pseudo Russian style. The cathedral looks vivid, monumental and solid.

Thus the great Blagoveshcensky Cathedral appeared in Zhelnino.