Nikolaevsky Amvrosiev Dudin monastery

Amvrosiev Dudin monastery is situated in the extremely picturesque place on the right bank of the river Oka.

Nobody knows exactly when the monastery was founded. But some people think it is referred to 1445. Archimandrite Makarij studied the history of the monastery and gave the following explanation of its name. The monastery is called Amvrosiev after the name of its founder and the first builder Amvrosij, it is called Nikolaevsky after the miraculous icon of St. Nikolaj Chudotvoretz, that was found on the bank of the river Oka, later the monastery was built on that place.  It was called Dudin after the name of the nearby village Dudenevo.

But there is another version why the monastery was called Dudin. It was long time ago… Ancient pagans lived in our region, they didn’t know what Orthodox religion was. Once monks from Suzdal came to the right bank of the Oka river. They lured by different stories a young cowherd into the skete, who tended his herd on the grassland nearby and  played the horn (in Russian “dudochka”) wonderfully. The cowherd bacame a monk. But he couldn’t forget his favourite pastime – playing the horn. Sometimes he hid himself in thick bushes and played. One day a noble prince with his retinue was sailing along the river Oka. They heard wonderful sounds of music. The prince stopped his ship and ordered to find the musician. The prince climbed the high bank of the river and was greatly impressed by the beaty of  the view. He liked this place very much and ordered to build a monastery there and call it Dudin.

Five hundred years the monastery stood on the bank of the river. It became famous all over Russia because Sergij Radonezhsky stopped there during his walking to Nizhny Novgorod, besides the Gospel written by his order was kept there.

In 1920-s the miraculous icon of St. Nikolaj Chudotvoretz was lost. The parish church was closed in  1939.

Only in 2006 the reconstruction work was started. Nizhegorodsky and Arzamassky Archbishop Georgiy blessed the reconstruction of the male monastery with a strict charter. The biggest worship cross in Nizhegorodsky region was placed there. It is nine metres high and weighs 2 tons.  In march 2008 an automobile road was built, 400 metres high fence was built around the monastery, electricity was supplied, a house for monks was built, Uspenskaya church and the belfry were reconstructed, the first monks appeared in the monastery. Nowadays the bell-ringing of the monastery can be heard all over the Oka.