Lake «Svyatoe» (Saint)

Lake Svyatoe is the main sightseeing of the town. The lake is situated not far from the town. It is a resort area of Dzerzhinsk.

The ancient legend says: once upon a time men from the nearest villages decided to build a church. They gathered together, collected money and started working. Chernorechentzy were very good at building. They built a very beatiful church. They put golden crosses on the dome and sanctified the altar in the church. The people were waiting for the saint holiday to begin the service in the temple. Suddenly the men started arguing. They went home only in the evening. They came back in the morning but there was no church anymore. There was a lake on the place of the church. The water in the lake was bright and clean as God’s tear. The church had gone under the ground. The lake was called Svyatoe (Saint). The water of the lake had a healing power and cured from different illnesses. But even nowadays the church reminds us of itself by quiet bell-ringing.  If you hear it you will be happy…

There are huge old pines on the shore of the lake. But if you look carefully you will see that these are not pines, these are real cedars. There is birds’ singing everywhere. There is an oak grove on the other shore of  the lake. You will be impressed by the beauty of the meadows. You can feel the fresh air fill you with health and strength. Just imagine all flowers and plants are in blossom, the air is filled with their fragrance, and it  seems that you can touch it.