Dzerzhinsky Square

Each city has its main square. There is such square in Dzerzhinsk as well. There were no buildings, no houses in the town but the place for the central square had already been chosen. The construction of the town started with that square.

There were always a lot of people here. It was a place for business meetings, young people’s pastime, a resting place of old people.

Many years ago children and their parents skated here in winter. In summer loving couples walked here in the evening. Sometimes there were dances here.

There is a monument to F.E. Dzerzhinsky in the centre of the square. It was opened on the 7th of November 1948. You can see a flower bed in front of the monument. Lindens and prickly bushes are grown around it.

The square is wide and spacious. The buildings and houses that are situated around the square remind us of our great grandparents, grandparents, our childhood and school years. This place is connected with the history and destiny of our ancestors.