Dzerzhinsky Dendrarium

Dzerzhinsky Dendrarium is situated on the left bank of the river Oka. The Dendrarium borders two villages Pushkino and Babushkino on the left. The territory of the park begins in the west from Lake Svyatoe (Saint) and stretches till the gardens “Dzerzhinetz”. There is a small river called Volozhka in the south of the park. The park occupies nearly 15 hectares.

The Dendrarium was founded on the 22d of October 1951. The honoured forester of RSFSR Ivan Nikiforovitch Ilyashevitch was the founder of the park. Trees and bushes from different countries and continents were grown there: Japanese  quince and Pennsylvania cherry, Amur acacia and Manchurian Linden, Siberian larch and pines and birches. Lately those trees were planted in the streets of Dzerzhinsk. About two hundred and fifty kinds of exotic plants were grown in the Dendrarium. More than two hundred of them were the representatives of the northern hemisphere. Foresters from all over the country came to Ilyashevitch to get seeds and young trees. And he shared generously with all of them. In 1966 Ivan Nikiforovitch was awarded the title of “The honoured Forester of the RSFSR”.

The Dendraruim has a special planning. The quarters of the park are framed by the landings which are oriented from the north to the south and from the west to the east. The landings combine local and exotic plants. There is a special zone which is 15 metres wide that protects the plants from the wind. It consists of twelve different kinds of trees. 

There are eleven kinds of maples, five kinds of pines, ten kinds of roses in the Dendrarium.

Dzerzhinsky Dendrarium  is protected by Dzerzhinsky forestry, it is considered to be the real monument of nature.