The Palace of Culture of Chemists

The Palace of Culture of Chemists has become the symbol of Dzerzhinsk. It was built by special project in 1959, nowadays it is a monument of history of culture. The Palace was planned to become the symbol of new life and the triumph of socialism. Its construction started at the same time when the workers were moved from huts in the industrial area into newly built houses. Architect A.F. Kusakin designed a magnificent building – columns, stucco work, porticos, cornices.

The building occupies more than ten thousand square metres.  It has got six levels, a theatre hall for nine hundred spectators,  a round foyer with columns, a lecture room for two hundred people, parquet floor, velvet curtains, crystal many-tier chandeliers.

The Palace was a centre where people could show and improve their talents. This tradition is continued nowadays. The Palace of Culture of Chemists is more that 50 years old, but it still remains the symbol of the town, its cultural centre.