Sports Camps & Tournaments

Dzerzhinsk is really a sports town. Numerous regional and all-Russian tournaments are held here all the year round. So it is a good reason for visiting Dzerzhinsk where you can combine your trainings with taking part in tournaments.

In Dzerzhinsk you can always find sparring partners of a high level training in such kinds of sport as judo and sambo, karate Kyokushinkai and Shotokan, MMA, table tennis, fencing, football, water polo and triathlon. Dzerzhinsky schools of boxing, gymnastics, athletics, skiing and swimming are also rather strong.

The outskirts of Dzerzhinsk with varied landscapes suit perfectly for trail running, Nordic walking, cross country skiing and biathlon, sparring fights, weight-lifting exercises and meditation surrounded by wild nature.

The town features good possibilities for organizing large competitions. There is a newly renovated swimming pool which has two basins 50 metres and 25 metres for children, a large football stadium (which will be used for trainings during 2018 FIFA World Cup), two athletics stadiums and arena, two fitness centres and dozens of gyms of the international level.

The town can accommodate till 600 delegates in 4* or 3* hotels, the price is from 1700 roubles per person per night.  Besides the town can offer the accommodation in 2-3* hotels, the price is from 900 roubles per person per night, or at sports camps (for children and juniors), the price is from 500 roubles per person per night. New hotels of the international level will have been built by 2018 FIFA World Cup.