«Vladimir – Bogolyubovo – Suzdal» - a bus tour (2 days/1 night).

The programme of the tour:

The 1st day

07:00 – departure from Dzerzhinsk/Nizhny Novgorod, we are going to Vladimir (about 4 hours).

12:00 – arrival in Vladimir.

12:30 – The sightseeing bus and walking tour of Vladimir. We will see the Golden Gates which are considered to be the main, the most beautiful and solemn gates of the capital of north-eastern Russia. Nowadays only two whitestone walls remained. We will visit Dmitrievsky cathedral. Though it is not very large it will impress you with its greatness and monumentality. The cathedral is famous for its beautiful whitestone carvings. Its walls are decorated with 600 reliefs which show holy, mythic and real animals. Then we will visit Uspensky cathedral – the monument of architecture known all over the world, the temple of Vladimir-Suzdalsky diocese. The history of the cathedral is amazing. We will visit the museum of crystal, embroidery and lacquered miniatures. You will see the works of famous masters of glass from the town of Gus-Khrustalny, embroideries and lacquered miniatures from Mstera.

16:30 – We will visit the interactive museum “Babusya-Yagusya”, we will taste famous Vladimirsky liqueurs (for extra charge 510 roubles).

18:00 – Dinner.

19:00 – Accomodation in the hotel. Free time.

The 2d day

07:00 – 08:00 – Breakfast. Check-out.

08:30 – We are going to Bogolyubovo. The sightseeing bus and walking tour of Bogolyubovo. You will see the ensemble of Rozhdestvensky monastery – the monument of architecture of the 12th century, the whitestone palace of Andrey Bogolyubsky, Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin which are included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. A walking tour (1,5 km) and visiting of the church Pokrova-na-Nerly. It has one small peculiarity: the church is located in the centre of the water-meadow at the confluence of the river Nerly into the river Klyazma. In spring the church is usually surrounded by the water and you can get there only by boat. It is a whitestone church built in 1165.

10:30 – We are going to Suzdal.

12:30 – The sightseeing bus and walking tour of Suzdal. The excursion to Suzdalsky Kremlin. The mighty whitestone ensemble which is situated in the bend of the river Klyazma, still preserves the atmosphere of the medieval princely residence. We will visit the Cross Chamber – the ceremonial hall of Suzdalsky metropolitans, Rozhdestvensky Cathedral, Spaso-Evfimiev monastery (the territory, visiting of Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, bell ringing). You will be given some free time for individual walks through the town, souvenir shopping, having lunch.

17:00 – We leave Suzdal.

21:30 – arrival in Dzerzhinsk/Nizhny Novgorod.

The price of the excursion per person: 5800 roubles for adults.

The tour includes:

- transport service;

- excursion programme;

- visiting of cathedrals and monasteries;

- breakfast and dinner according to the programme;

- accommodation in the hotel;

- visiting of the museums;

- insurance from the accident;