Chkalovsk is situated on the right bank of the river Volga, in 97 km to the north-west of Nizhny Novgorod.

Chkalovsk was founded in the 12th century and was called Vasileva Sloboda after the name of its founder Prince Vasily Yurievitch, Yuri Dolgoruky’s son. It was founded as a reserve fortress for protecting Gorodetz.

When Yury Dolgoruky captured Maly Kitezh he called the town Gorodetz Radilov and made his son Vasily Yurievitch rule the town. After that Vasily built a reserve fortress on the right bank of the river to protect the town from Ugrian people. The fortress was called Vasileva Sloboda.

People in the village were busy with different crafts, but the production of crockery was the most popular one.

In 1937 the village Vasilevo was renamed into Chkalovsk after the famous countryman Valery Pavlovitch Chkalov, a pilot who made a legendary flight over the North Pole.

Chkalovsk can be of great interest to those who are fond of history of Russian aviation. You can visit Chkalov’s museum, see the collection of old planes and the famous ANT-25.

Besides you can visit Folk Crafts Centre. Such crafts as basket weaving, carpet making and bioceramics are developed there. But the embroidery factory “Lace” is considered to be the main sightseeing of the town. Gorodetzky or Nizhegorodsky lace is highly valued in the craft market for its unusual softness and thinness.