The village Bolsoe Boldino is an ancient estate of Pushkin’s family. It is situated at the edge of Nizhegorodsky region, in 230 km from Dzerzhinsk.

Evstafij Mikhailovitch Pushkin – the voevode and diplomat in the times of Ivan Grozny – became the owner of the village in 1585. At the beginning of the XIX century the estate belonged to Pushkin’s father and uncle. Alexander Sergeevitch Pushkin visited Boldino three times in 1830, 1833 and 1834.

The everyday life of a serf village is masterfully described in Pushkin’s literary compositions. Autumn of 1830 became immensely fruitful for the poet. He wrote more than thirty lyrical poems, “Little Tragedies”, “Belkin’s Story”, “The House in Kolomna”, the last chapters of “Evgeny Onegin”, “The Bronze Horseman”, “The Queen of Spades”, fairytales and others.

Pushkin’s museum is situated in the former manor house. The estate has been a national park since 1949.

You can see the original house and park of the 19th century in Boldino. The literary memorial exposition “Pushkin in Boldino” is located in the house.

The estate was fully reconstructed in 1980-1990. The lordly kitchen, the banya, the servant’s room, the stables and the barn were newly built. Nowadays the ethnographic exhibition works here.

In 1999 the stone church of the Assumption of the 18th century was reconstructed, in 1997 the children’s museum of Pushkin’s fairytales was opened, the house in Lvovka was restored in 2005.

The scientific Pushkin’s conference “Boldino reading” has been held since 1969.

Visitors of the museum can make photos in costumes of Pushkin’s era and go on a ride in a phaeton.