«Open Charity Fund» -, www.благотвори.орг

Charity Fund is for all. You can choose any programme presented on the website, participation  «by the whole world», or entrust the fund to bring your help to those who need it. Since the opening of the office in Dzerzhinsk most of the programmes has been connected with this region.  

«Exclusive Hotels of the World» - www.эксклюзивныеотели.рф

Marketing edition and annual rating catalogue of the best hotels of the world. An excellent guide in choosing exceptional accommodation. Wonderful promotional opportunities for manufacturers of luxury goods and representatives of Luxury segment.

Travel company «Sport-Tours» -, www.спорт-турс.рф

The oldest tour operator which specializes in sports event tourism. Organization of sports training camps in various kinds of sport and tours for sports fans to the largest sports events all over the world: Olympic Games, World and European Championships, Formula 1.